01/08/2012 08:46 BST | Updated 01/08/2012 08:58 BST

USA Basketball Olympic Stars, Led By LeBron James, Arrive At Funky Buddha Nightclub At 2.30am

At the USA's track and field press conference on Monday, sprinter Sanya Richards-Ross admitted the Olympic Village was a "relaxed" environment but the men's basketball team's arrival "got everybody excited". It would appear as though LeBron James and pals did likewise at London nightclub Funky Buddha too.


"Excuse me sir, the trainers..."

Members of the USA men's Olympic basketball team apparently arrived in a convoy of taxis at 2.30am... just 30 minutes before the club normally closes.


"And the gym wear..."

Naturally, even burly bouncers are unlikely to stand up to 6ft 8in James and his towering team-mates' belated arrival. Or James' trainers.

The US' security entourage escorted them inside the club, however they forgot to pay one of the taxi drivers the £35 fare. Reports state the driver was left waiting outside the venue and refused entry to go and collect his fare.


He probably tipped well

The players stayed until last orders, before they walked back to their nearby hotel. You really thought they'd be holed up in the student-like accommodation at the Village?

lebron james

Lebron James in action during the Olympics again Tunisia