02/08/2012 11:46 BST | Updated 02/08/2012 12:03 BST

Travel: 10 Pain-Free Health Summer Holiday Tips (PICTURES)

As anyone who has already had the misfortune to take a mini-break during the Games will know, Britain's 2012 holiday 'slob out' season has been overtaken by a new craze: fitness.

With television screens filled with images of washboard stomachs and ladies whose fitness regiemes welcome the challenge of a mega-calorie diet, you'd have to be holidaying on the moon to feel comfortable abandoning your diet and workout completely this year.

Could you manage this 12-inch monster burger?

With this in mind, Huffpost Lifestyle has asked the holiday experts at in:spa health and fitness retreats ( to share their tips on how you can make most of your time away to return healthier, calmer and possibly even fitter after your holiday.

“With the nation focused on the forthcoming sporting summer, fitness holidays and holistic all-inclusives are on the rise. Whatever type of break you have in store you can make it more relaxing and healthier by following these easy steps”, says Kathryn Brierley, co-founder and director of in:spa.

Here are ten pain-free ways to stay healthy on holiday...

How To Have A Healthy Holiday