03/08/2012 10:34 BST | Updated 03/08/2012 18:34 BST

Olympics: Tabloid Editors Braced For Pun Chaos In Second Week

London's tabloid newspaper editors are bracing themselves for potential punning chaos as the London Olympic Games approaches its second week.

"We've already used several puns on 'gold' and 'silver'," said one. "If Team GB continues to be successful, we could easily run out of ideas."

"Everyone's upset that The Sun already used 'Anyone For Ennis?' at the end of Wimbledon," added another. "We have nowhere to go now."

A spokesman for TfL (Tabloids for London) said that they will be laying on extra rhyming dictionaries to cope with the demand, and setting up an emergency hotline to ensure that two editors don't use the same pun.

They also warned that traffic levels to newspaper websites will be at an all-time high - and are urging readers to only visit their newsagents "if they absolutely have to".

"There will be unprecedented pressure on the tabloids next week, but we believe they are able to cope," they said. "None of them are BORED OF THE RINGS yet."