03/08/2012 07:05 BST

Massive Cream Pie Fight Breaks World Record In Dallas (VIDEO)

It's not just Olympic athletes who are breaking world records at the moment, you know. More than 700 people have helped set a new standard in the internationally celebrated sport of cream pie-throwing at a foam-filled brawl in Dallas, Texas.

The world's largest-ever pie fight took place in sweltering temperatures earlier this week - just one of a series of events to mark International Clown Week. (Gosh - is it really International Clown Week already? It seems to come round quicker every year, doesn't it?)

Anyway, you can savour all the action from the fight above, courtesy of YouTube - plus there's some bonus footage of various clowns milling about beforehand. Honestly - what more could you want?

We should just add that the event raised lots of lovely cash for charity - so those cream-covered clowns can be very proud of themselves. Well done, everyone!

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