05/08/2012 20:43 BST | Updated 07/08/2012 04:35 BST

Usain Bolt Thanks McDonald's, Call Of Duty And A German For Historic 100m London Olympic 2012 Gold

Usain Bolt has credited McDonalds, Call Of Duty and his German doctor for helping him to his historic Olympic 100m gold medal.

He also admitted that his closest rivals are now better at his trademark clowning around in front of the cameras before a race than he is.

Bolt smashed the Olympic record – and ran himself into the record books – after winning his second consecutive gold in the event.

Speaking to journalists afterwards he described what food he - the world’s fastest man - ate before running.


Bolt said he ate a McDonald's before breaking the Olympic 100m record

He said his “therapist” Eddie went out on Sunday morning and bought him a chicken and vegetable wrap from McDonalds.

“It was healthy,” Bolt joked with reporters. “Don’t judge me. I didn’t eat as much because I didn’t want to feel too full.”

But he said he’d not even heard of the world’s biggest McDonald’s which is on the Olympic park site.

Turning to the pre-race kidding around, he said: “I just did a little thing for the crowd because I knew that’s what they came here to see. I think Yohan did a better one than me and I was like 'Oh God'".

Bolt also said he had to thank German doctor Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt who has treated him for injuries since he was 18-years-old.

“He did his treatment and told me not to worry and then gave my coach permission to brutalise me, which he did.

“He’s more than a doctor, he takes us to dinner, he really looks after me. He comes in on weekends to make sure everything’s OK and I thank him.”

Bolt started in a good mood, but soon got frustrated because he said: “I’m bursting for a wee.”

He said he’d enjoyed being in London and hanging out with his team mates playing Fifa and Call of Duty video games.

Bolt added: “Tonight was all about reacting and executing. I was with the crowd and I just ran. The crowd played a very important part for me.”

Talking about slowing down he added: “I almost did what I did in Beijing, but I thought no, let’s just run through the line.”