Australian Minister Concedes Olympic Defeat, Will Wear Team GB Shirt For Rowing Punishment

Aussie Sports Minister Concedes Olympic Defeat

Australian sports minister Kate Lundy has conceded that she will have to don a Team GB kit and row out at Eaton Dorney after admitting she has lost her Olympic medal bet with her British counterpart Hugh Robertson.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's World at One programme on Tuesday, Lundy acknowledged Australia was unlikely to be able to catch up with Britain.

Team GB currently sit third in the medal table and have already equaled their Beijing gold medal haul of 19 after triathlete Alistair Brownlee sauntered over the finishing line in first place.

By contrast Australia sit 19th in the table with two golds, 12 silver and eight bronze medals.

"There are a lot people back home wishing we have more gold medals," Lundy said. "But lets not take it away from our athletes who have come so close to gold we are very proud of them for achieving their silver medals."

However the BBC's Martha Kearney reminded Lundy: "Silver isn't quit he same as gold, is it."

Lundy sportingly admitted that Great Britain was having a "remarkable games" and noted that many of Australia's "wonderful sliver medals" had been conceded to British gold.

"We're not shy about serving it up ourselves from time to time, so I think what goes around comes around," she said. "I am sure we will have our day in the golden sun once again."

"I cheerfully conceded I will be rowing out ant Eton Dorney, we did have our medal bet on in our traditional wager. This time, you guys are on top.

"Equally if it was the other way around I am sure minister Robertson would have been cheerful enough to put on a kookaburras shirt and dribble that hockey ball around Australia house, but that won't be happening."


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