Jessica Ennis Effect: Harley Street Report Demand For Fat-Free Stomachs

A top Harley Street beauty clinic has seen a 200% increase in treatments for tummy fat removal from women wanting to get a Jessica Ennis washboard stomach.

The Lovelite clinic has seen seen their order book double since Jessica Ennis took the gold medal six jessica days ago.

The Olympic gold medal winning Heptathlete is famous for taut tummy muscles, which have been admired by millions of viewers on the TV coverage of the London 2012 games.

British women who fancy the look -- without the time (or inclination) for six hours training a day, six days a week -- are asking for a bit of cosmetic help from the latest Harley Street tummy fat reduction treatment, Lipoglaze.

According to Lovelite, the Lipoglaze treatment is a non-surgical body contouring liposuction treatment that targets hard to shift areas by freezing fat cells which then naturally waste away. Around a third of all fat cells treated will disappear from each one-hour session.

LoveLite clinic owner Donnamarie McBride said, in a statement: “Since the Olympics started we’ve had a lot of women coming to us with pictures of Jessica Ennis saying they want to have a torso similar to hers, but they have said they need a bit of extra help because they struggle to get down to those levels with just a couple of gym sessions a week.

“The day after she won gold the next morning the phones went crazy and we had over 20 bookings for Lipoglaze and they all said they wanted to have a tummy like Jessica Ennis and they wanted to have it done as soon as we could fit them in.”

And she added: “The LoveLite Lipoglaze will shift a third of the fat around the tummy in one session, and then the dead fat cells will naturally be excreted through the body over the next few weeks. It’s especially good at shifting the hard to hit areas like the mummy tummy and muffin tops around the torso.“

The treatment is the latest technology from the USA and is FDA approved. The treatment targets fatty areas in the tummy, arms, legs, and thighs with fast results, no scaring and no pain.

The Lipoglaze Cryo-Lipo machine works by first gently heating and then rapidly cooling the target area. This causes the fat cells to crystallise and permanently destroys up to a third of fatty deposits per session. The body then naturally eliminates this waste tissue over the next few weeks.

The difference in body shape is visable in a matter of weeks but for best results should be taken in conjunction with a fitness routine and a healthy diet, suggest the clinic.