09/08/2012 12:46 BST | Updated 09/08/2012 12:50 BST

Gary Barlow Sent Sick Twitter Messages Over Stillborn Child by Ex-'Big Brother' Contestant Kenneth Tong

Gary Barlow has become the target of vile Twitter messages from former Big Brother contestant, Kenneth Tong, after his daughter was delivered stillborn last weekend.

kenneth tong

Tong has sent vile tweets to the Take That singer about his late daughter

Tong, who appeared on the reality show back in 2009, has posted a series of sickening tweets to the Take That singer about his late daughter Poppy.

The Huffington Post UK has decided not to republish Tong's disgusting comments, where he has used Take That lyrics to make light of the tragedy.

gary barlow

Gary Barlow and wife Dawn's daughter was tragically delivered stillborn

'Kenneth Tong' soon began trending globally on the social networking site after users hit back at his comments, calling for him to be banned.

One user, Paul McCallum, wrote: "Kenneth Tong is a foul, heartless, imbecile. The actions of a very troubled waste of space. Disgusted."

Another, Bex Smith, said: "Everyone, report Kenneth Tong NOW! Dead baby jokes are not funny + he needs to be stopped. Evil,evil man."

In a statement issued on Monday, Gary had asked for his and wife Dawn's "privacy to be respected at this painful time".

It isn't the first time Tong has been at the centre of Twitter controversy.

Last year, tweets from Tong promoted 'managed anorexia', but he later claimed it was an experiment to see how quickly he could trend on the social networking site.

He was forced into hiding in the South of France after receiving death threats about his comments.

He later told The Sun: “Even my own friends have turned against me - but it was an exercise that I wanted to keep up for a week.

“I love to be challenged. It was so illogical a concept. It did not make sense but so many people bought into it. I proved how easy it is to become a global phenomena in the age of instant media.”