10/08/2012 11:30 BST

Microsoft Kinect 2 Images 'Leaked' On Twitter (PHOTOS)

An anonymous source claims to have leaked the first image of the successor to Microsoft's Kinect motion-tracking game controller.

The 'Kinect 2' is expected to form part of the next Xbox, set to be released sometime in the next 18 months.

Microsoft has released no official details about the console, but it is widely assumed to be in heavy development given the Xbox 360's ageing hardware and clues about next-gen games already in production.

On Thursday the Twitter user named 'SuperDaE', who previously published details of the dev kit being sent to developers working on games for the new Xbox, leaked an image of what he said was an improved Kinect.

The unconfirmed photo appears to show a Kinect-like system tracking users and their movements in greater detail.

It would appear the leaked Kinect is able to track a user's hands even as they pass in front of his body, and could allow for more complex gaming via motion controls.

A previously leaked development document said the new Kinect would also feature better voice recognition and depth perception.

DaE has not released many details about the photo - and some are sceptical that it's the real deal.

With nothing else to go on, we'll have to take this with a raised eyebrow and wait for more information. Just don't expect it to come from Microsoft - at least not yet.