Tia Sharp Disappearance: Timeline Of Events In 12-Year-Old Schoolgirl's Case

Timeline of Events In Tia Sharp Case

Here is a timeline of key events following the disappearance of 12-year-old Tia Sharp.

:: Friday 3 August

Tia is believed to have left her grandmother Christine Sharp's home in New Addington, south London, at around midday after telling Mrs Sharp's partner Stuart Hazell she is going to the Whitgift Centre, a shopping complex in nearby Croydon.

:: Monday 6 August

Tia's family make an emotional plea for her to return home as police find no trace of her on CCTV footage.

Police officers search bins on the New Addington estate

:: Tuesday 7 August

A CCTV image of Tia outside the local Co-op before she disappeared is released. Police begin searching a local wood, Birchwood.

The Sun newspaper offers a £25,000 reward for the safe return of Tia as her stepfather David Niles begs: "Just find my little girl

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Tia Sharp went missing on 3 August

:: Wednesday 8 August

Police take a German shepherd dog into Tia's grandmother's house.

Volunteers and members of the local community continue to hand out posters, wear Find Tia T-shirts and conduct their own searches.

Metropolitan Police area commander Neil Basu announces that officers have been redirected from Olympic duties to form part of an 80-strong team involved in the hunt for Tia.

Mr Basu says Scotland Yard has received more than 300 calls and 60 reported sightings of Tia, including a member of the public who says they saw Tia leaving her grandmother's house at about noon on the Friday she disappeared.

Mr Basu says police cannot be "absolutely sure" who the last person to see Tia on the estate was.

Hazell, 37, is later led from Mrs Sharp's house by two men in plain clothes and is voluntarily questioned by police.

:: Thursday 9 August

Police search bins outside Tia's grandmother's home and around the estate where she lived, using sticks to scour through rubbish.

Scotland Yard says police have liaised with other forces with expertise in missing child cases.

Hazell says he was not the last person to see Tia, referring to the reported sighting of her leaving her grandmother's house at about noon on the Friday.

He makes an emotional plea for her to return home in an interview with ITV News, saying he would never harm her and adding: "I'd never think of that, I loved her to bits like my own daughter, we had that kind of relationship."

The schoolgirl's uncle, David Sharp, tells reporters Tia's family are "in bits".

:: Friday 10 August

Mrs Sharp breaks down in tears, saying: "My only message to Tia is that I love her. She is my life."

She tells reporters Hazell is out helping with the search.

A little later two female detectives arrive, leaving after about 30 minutes with brown evidence bags. Soon afterwards two police dog handlers arrive with a black German shepherd.

Christine Sharp leaves her house as police prepare a forensic search of the property

At around noon Mrs Sharp, wearing a Find Tia campaign T-shirt, leaves the house with an officer and is driven away. An hour later police seal off an area around her home and begin to search it.

Detective Chief Inspector Nick Scola, who is leading the investigation, says officers are carrying out a "pre-arranged search" likely to take at least one or two days.

Shortly before 5pm, Scotland Yard reveals police have found a body at the grandmother's house and announce they are hunting for Hazell. They warn the public not to approach him.

Hazell is arrested in the south London borough of Merton at 8.25pm after being spotted by a member of the public. He is taken into custody at a south London police station.

::Saturday 11 August

Scotland Yard announced on Saturday that a 46-year-old woman, Tia's grandmother Christine Sharp, and 39-year-old man, neighbour Paul Meehan, had also been arrested on Friday.

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