Pitbull Named London Who Lost Front Legs Learns To Walk On Hind Limbs (PICTURES)

A New Leash Of Life! (PICTURES)

A dog has learnt to walk on two legs after his front limbs had to be amputated following a fall from a three storey building.

London, a pitbull puppy, shattered his front legs when he fell from a window and crashed onto the hard tarmac below, also burning on his paws and stomach on the hot surface.

He was left untreated by his previous owners for a month, meaning surgery to align his bones carried a much higher risk of complications.

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He's a fighter: London has prospered despite his devastating injuries

After arriving at the Humane Society of Del Norte in California, they cared for the six-month-old for a month before deciding he needed more specialist treatment.

So they called Amanda Giese, founder and president of non-profit rescue home Panda Paws, which assists medically needy, abused or dogs previously deemed 'unadoptable.'

Along with vets it was agreed London, named after the 2012 Olympics because of his perseverance, should have his front legs amputated and be fitted with an all-terrain front wheelchair.

But before he can be fitted with the wheelchair while his stitches heal, he has incredibly taught himself to survive on just two legs, however this causes considerable strain to his back the wheelchair will eventually help reduce.

However the costs are expensive and Amanda, from Vancouver, Washington, is hoping people will assist Panda Paws in covering the $3,000 (£1,900) bill for his care.

She said: "When he fell he was pretty much stuck where he was until he eventually learned how to navigate around.

"He clearly had been left on hot concrete or pavement as the bottom of his paws were covered in burns.

"But as soon as I gave him treats, took him out onto the grass, he instantly lit up. He knew at that point there was a different journey for him - he wasn't going back to a place where he was in pain.

"Radiographs revealed his front legs were severely fractured and shattered. He was left unable to walk but has adapted to having front legs that no longer support his body.

Playful: London hasn't let his surgery get in the way of having fun

"He gets around by scooting his body using his hind legs and if he needs to steady himself he uses his face as a frontal tri-pod support.

"He plays, he's happy, he enjoys rolling in the grass just as any able-bodied canine would on these hot summer days.

"After his surgery he's now on a two-week recovery period and will start swim therapy and ball therapy to improve his strength and relieve the strain on his back.

"To us, he's our little gold medallist. We knew he was definitely a winner, definitely going to succeed.

"Much like an athlete his perseverance is captivating so we're all now known as Team London."

Despite London learning how to move around his injuries, vets determined amputating his two front legs and fitting a wheelchair would be the best option for his long-term health.

Dr Brandon Sherman of Animal Care Clinic in Vancouver donated half the costs of surgery but said London could have kept his legs if his injuries had been taken care of right away.

He said: "This was a good option for London - he's got a good chance of having a good quality of life.

"He's going to make a great pet for somebody who's willing and able to care for his needs."

Pet photographer Carli Davidson photographed the surgery and will be following London's recovery for the next month.

He should then be able to go up for adoption to a very loving home once his recovery period is over.

Amputee dog learns to walk again


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