16/08/2012 05:30 BST

'Bomb Threat' Diverts Aeroflot Flight To Reykjavik, Russian Media Say

A flight from New York to Moscow has been diverted after an anonymous tip about a bomb threat, according to Russian media.

The news agency Interfax quoted a source from Moscow's air traffic control as saying it was Aeroflot's Airbus A330 New York to Moscow flight, which had now landed in Reykjavik.

According to the report, it was claimed five suitcases of explosives were on the plane.

"An unknown person told American law enforcement agencies that five suitcases filled with explosives were allegedly present onboard the plane and they would allegedly detonate upon arrival in Moscow. That is why a decision was made to interrupt the flight and land the airplane in Iceland."

According to the BBC, Aeroflot spokeswoman Irina Dannenberg confirmed the plane had landed saying around 200 people were on board and the claims were being investigated.