17/08/2012 09:59 BST | Updated 17/08/2012 12:46 BST

Is Jose Manuel Barroso Building A Death Star? Nigel Farage Compares EU To Star Wars Villain

The European Union is the Empire from Star Wars according to Nigel Farage, who presumably sees himself as a Luke Skywalker figure and Ukip as the Rebel Alliance.

Asked whether he thought the world was headed towards inevitable integration, Farage told Communities@WashingtonTimes.com that the "tide had turned" against the erosion of national sovereignty.

"We can already say to the supranationalists, as Princess Leia said to Darth Vader: 'the more you tighten your grip, Darth, the more worlds will slip through your fingers!", he said.

He added:"Resistance to the EU, and to its anti-democratic centralization of power, is growing everywhere in the EU."

Of course Star Wars fans will be quick to point out that Leia was actually addressing Grand Moff Tarkin with that prediction.

The architect of the so-called 'Tarkin Doctrine', the admiral urged the rule of the galaxy through fear and was the driving force behind the construction of the Death Star.

Has anyone checked what European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso is building in his shed recently?