Jodie Marsh: 'I'm Not Just A Piece Of Meat That Blokes Want To Have Sex With'

Jodie Marsh is usually the colour of an Oompa Loompa but she's ditched her usual orange hue for a nice shade of green for her latest photoshoot.

Jodie posed as the Incredible Hulk for a series of pics to accompany an interview in love it! magazine where she talks about being single, men and errrm men.

"If I was the Hulk and I could have a superpower, it'd be to find the male version of me," she says.

"I'm not stressed about being single because my life feels perfect but I do wonder if there's anyone out there for me. Someone who's exciting, and got a lot going on, but who's a homebody, too, and doesn't mind walking the dogs."

One person who definitely doesn't fit the bill is former TOWIE star Kirk Norcross, who Jodie recently split from.

"We were just friends who snogged," she says. "He didn't understand where I was coming from. We'd only been seeing each other for a few weeks but he expected sex, so I'm really hurt that he sold a story about me."

And the former model admits she's prepared to wait for her prince charming to come along.

"I'm just not a piece of meat that blokes want to have sex with. I respect myself more now, so I'm not going to give it away to the first bloke that asks me," she says.

"I've had a wild sex life in the past, and if I had a partner I'd want to have sex every day.

"But because I haven't done it for a year, I don't have those urges so much. And when I do I know how to pleasure myself alone - and I do sometimes."

Read the full interview in this week's love it! magazine - out now

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