22/08/2012 16:19 BST

Syria: Final Footage Taken By Mika Yamamoto, Japanese Journalist Shot Dead In Aleppo, Released (VIDEO)

This is the last footage filmed by Japanese journalist Mika Yamamoto, who was killed in Syria on Monday.

Yamamoto, 45, from Toyko-based news agency Japan Press, was travelling round Aleppo with the Free Syrian Army when she was shot dead in clashes between the Syrian forces and rebels.

Her final report offers some of the clearest footage yet from inside Syria's largest city, which has seen a surge in shell attacks since the country was declared in a state of civil war.

Accompanied by her partner Kazutaka Sato, who also worked for Japan Press, Yamamoto tells the camera: “We are heading right now to the front lines where three bombs have been dropped”.

mika yamamoto

Mika Yamamoto was in Syria alongside her partner Sato, who also worked for Japan Press

As families wander down the street, Yamamoto exclaims: “People are still living here despite the bombings. There are actually people living here.”

One father holds his baby daughter up to the camera. As she sucks on her dummy, Yamamoto asks: “Aren’t you a cute one? What are you doing here?”

mika yamamoto

Sato said he believed she may have been shot because she was a woman

After her death, Sato spoke to reporters from a Turkish hotel room. He said: “I don’t have any words for the Syrian government or the Syrian army. I don't have opinions about the Syrian army because we are journalists.

"We want to show the whole of the world about what is happening in Syria."