GSCE Results: Joy For Wood Green School Affected By London Riots

There was joy on Thursday for pupils who secured high grades in a school affected by last year's London riots, with one declaring: "We've beaten the stereotype."

The youngsters at Woodside High School in Wood Green, north London, were determined to break down the area's reputation "spoilt" by a minority of rioters last year.

Mehreen Sattar, 16, whose results included 7 A*s, said: "The results of the students makes me feel proud.

"The riots didn't really affect our school. We are full of diverse and different groups of people and today we have beaten the stereotype."

Mehreen is aiming for a career in medicine along with head boy Mohammed Hashi, 16, who got 1A*, 5As and 3Bs.

As he collected his results, he said: "I recently did some work experience in surgery and I loved the cardiology department. My results could have been better but they are still good and I'm pleased.

"The school is great, none of my friends were involved in the riots last year, but do I know people who took part? Yes, I do - and I hope they can change their lives like I have today. The minority spoil our area."

Berivan Basar got 10A*s and was named the school's "outstanding female achiever".

She said: "Tonight I might go out and celebrate, but my future thoughts are going to Cambridge and studying medicine.

"Even when the riots were happening we left it all behind as soon as we came through the school gates. Hopefully we have broken the stereotype of our area as the riots had nothing to do with us."

Hamada Mahdi, 16, was the school's highest achiever in this year's GCSEs and now hopes to go to Cambridge University. At gaining 14As and A*, he said: "I'm in complete shock."

Deputy head teacher Arthur Barzey presented Hamada with a designer Louis Vuitton belt for his results.

Barzey said: "The students always joked and had a go at me about how nicely I dressed, and in particular about my nice belts.

"I said I would buy Hamada a belt if he achieved a certain number of A*s.

"I knew he was capable of doing it, so I kept raising the bar of what he thought he could get for the belt, and then I bought it beforehand because I knew he could do it."

Hamada added: "My results are alright, before I do anything tonight I need to go home and show my mum."

Woodside High School in Haringey is a mixed comprehensive which takes children aged 11-16. It was praised by Ofsted as "outstanding" following an inspection last year.