Barnes & Noble 'Nook' E-Readers To Hit John Lewis Stores After 'Premium' Retail Deal

Has The Kindle Met Its Match?

John Lewis has announced a partnership with Barnes & Noble to sell its 'Nook' e-Readers and digital bookstore in the UK.

Barnes & Noble said that the devices will be 'prominently displayed' in all 37 John Lewis stores, as well as online, from this autumn.

Initially the devices will include the Nook Simple Touch e-reader, as well as its 'Glowlight' edition.

In the US the Nook devices have proven to be a strong competitor to the dominant Amazon Kindle, and have been a hit with reviewers.

It is unclear when or if the full-colour Nook tablet will also be available at John Lewis stores - though it will be offered by Barnes & Noble at its own website,

"John Lewis is where knowledgeable customers turn for trusted advice on the best products to purchase, and they are a perfect partner to help launch Nook in the UK," said Jamie Iannone, president of digital products at Barnes & Noble.

"We look forward to bringing more choice and convenience to discerning UK customers with our critically acclaimed line of reading devices and expansive selection of content."

Ed Connolly, director of buying for home technology at John Lewis, said: "Always first with the latest technology, John Lewis is thrilled to be chosen as the premier UK launch retailer for the Nook.

"This award-winning line of eReaders adds greater choice to this expanding category. We think our customers will love Nook's adaptability thanks to its E Ink display and unique built-in GlowLight, perfect for day or night time reading."


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