Amazon Reviewers Blast Bic's Pens For Women

Amazon Reviewers Blast Bic's Pens For Women

The pen is mightier than the sword - as someone once said. Probably Les Dennis.

The Bic 'For Her' pen range, however, is aimed at women, and thus presumably is only mightier than a lipstick, or kohl eye-liner.

Yes, in a spectacularly bad PR move, the pen giant* has introduced a new pen to the market - aimed at women. Presumably, it's intended for writing shopping lists, chick lit novels and your signature with a heart instead of an 'i' dot, and unable to work in high-powered business meetings. Geddit?!

Understandably, Amazon reviewers have gone to town and taken Bic to task for this phenomenally ludicrous invention. A wonderful move, that puts us in mind of both the Lego For Girls outrage and the Amazon reviews of the Wenlock souvenir.

Take a look at some of the reviews that have been written by both Amazon UK and Amazon US, and both male and female, reviewers below. And ladies - if you've been itching to write the next Great American (Or British) Novel but have simply been lacking the right implement all along, then look no further.

*not an actual, scary giant like, say, The Hulk. More a large company that makes pens.


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