Sperm 'Grown' From Skin Cells Could Help Male Fertility

A breakthough in aiding male infertility may have been made as researchers 'grow' early stage sperm from human skin cells.

Scientists at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine carried out research to see whether they could induce adult cells and make them develop as a different type of cell.

The findings could greatly help male infertility and the increase the chance of childhood cancer sufferers being able to father children.

Fertility Breakthroughs

Dr. Charles Easley, the study’s lead author, explained in a statement: “Sperm can be banked for future artificial insemination procedures, but that does not help some patients, such as pre-pubertal boys.

“There are procedures to store testicular tissue prior to cancer therapy, but men who didn’t have the opportunity to save tissue are permanently sterile, and so far there are no cures for their sterility.”