29/08/2012 10:55 BST | Updated 29/08/2012 10:55 BST

Twitter 'Football Agent' Admits He's A Fake, So Are Any Of Them Real?

With transfer deadline day two days away, tens of thousands of Twitter users are hanging onto the every word of anonymous 'football agents' on Twitter, hoping they might have some news pertinent to their club. Only now these 'agents' are confessing they aren't football agents.

Tens of thousands of users know this as well, but other users so addicted to the workings of the transfer window they need their fix have gullibly fallen for various ruses.

And today @FootballAgent49 came 'out' to reveal himself as an 18-year-old boy who was "bored".

He tweeted "MASSIVE BREAKING NEWS" with a link which detailed his gleeful confession, days after another 'agent' did likewise.

He is currently followed, whether frivolously or not, by employers of Sky, the Guardian, the Daily Mail and the Football Association.

Here's his "BREAKING NEWS" in full.