29/08/2012 10:49 BST | Updated 07/09/2012 14:14 BST

Troops Support Prince Harry With Naked Facebook Salutes (PHOTOS)

Want to show your support for Prince Harry following those naked Las Vegas pics, but unsure about how to do it?

Well, worry no more! Because a handy support group has been set up on Facebook and it's called 'Support Prince Harry With A Naked Salute!'.

The group was originally set up for Prince Harry's fellow members of the armed forces to partake in - and as a result, most of the photographs uploaded to it so far are of naked soldiers.

But now, as its page declares in block capitals, the group is "NOW OPEN TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO SHOW SUPPORT". The only proviso? You need to "cover your crown jewels" and tag yourself in your photo.

Take a look at our pick of the... erm, crop, below. (Note: although the group is open to women, too, we have, of course, only included photos of naked men in our gallery. Because this is a Comedy page, and as everyone knows, naked women aren't usually funny. Naked men, however, are always funny.)

Oh, and if Twitter's more your thing, you'll be glad to know there's a #Salute4Harry hashtag going, too. Troops: you know what to do...