29/08/2012 09:25 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Walking To School Survey: One In Three Children Driven To School Live Less Than A Mile Away

Walking to school: One in three children driven to school live less than a mile away Alamy

Here at Parentdish we're looking forward to the start of the new school term - and to celebrate we asked 2000 parents about walking to school.

But we were amazed by some of the findings in our back to school survey:

* One in three children who are driven to school live less than a mile from the gates

* One in 10 parents will drive their children less than 500 yards!

* And yet 68) as one of the main reasons they drive their children to school.

Jumping in the car for the school run may be the convenient option, especially when we're all so time pressed, but leaving a little more time to walk to school really does reap rewards for everyone. (33 were concerned about the cost of petrol!)

The walk to school is a time to give your children some undivided attention without the demands of home and work, and a brisk walk really does set everyone up for the day ahead.

Over a quarter of parents who do walk their children to school told us that spending time together whilst walking to school was what they most valued about the journey - and a further 22VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%