Back To School

A month or so in, children should be pretty well settled. Here's how to tell if they're not.
Too much or too little of any one element can make it hard for your child to maintain focus and energy.
Nutritionists share ingredients you'll want to add to your child's lunchbox (and the ones that'll only set them up for a crash).
Pupils are receiving "unauthorised absences" when families forced to isolate miss the school run.
"My kids’ superpower is using 24 different cups in a day to drink 3 cups of water."
Children are often poorly at the start of term. Here's why and the symptoms to look out for.
Children going back to school can be scary and overwhelming for parents too.
The doorstep pic is a classic, but here are some other creative options.
Your kid isn't the only one losing their mind now that school is about to start. Here are some ways to cope.
Families have been urged to take precautions after a surge in norovirus outbreaks.