30/08/2012 19:42 BST | Updated 30/08/2012 19:54 BST

Princess Diana: Her Life In Pictures

It's 15 years since Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris.

The sudden and unexpected death of the 'People's Princess' sent shockwaves rippling across Britain.

The royal loved for her energy and warmth was going to be brought home from her holiday in a coffin. She was only 36 years old and had two young sons, William and Harry.

princess diana

Princess Diana was known as the fun, fearless royal, unafraid to appear human.

The public united in a display of mourning the royal family had never witnessed. People could be seen weeping in the streets, while some made a pilgrimage to Buckingham Palace to lay bouquets of flowers outside the gates.


The sea of flowers left outside Kensington Palace as tributes to the Princess

Prince William and Harry's mother was a style icon and a royal pioneer who would come to be known as the "queen of hearts."

Take a look at her life in pictures below.