Ian Berry - Aka 'Denimu' - Makes His Art From Old Pairs Of Denim Jeans

Jeans Dean: Meet The Artist Who Really, REALLY Likes Denim...

Jeans have gone through quite a few trends in their time. We've had straight cut, flairs, distressed, those skinny ones you can only wear if you've got a side parting in your hair... for what's essentially two tubes of fabric and a button, they've proven remarkably versatile.

But the handiwork of British-born artist Ian Berry - aka Denimu - proves that it doesn't have to stop there. Yes, you guessed it - jeans can't be converted into artwork, too.

Rather than throw out any pair he can no longer squeeze into, Denimu takes his old jeans and cleverly weaves various different shades and patterns into layered pictures that encompass everything from famous faces to magazine covers to barroom scenes.

Jeans Dean?

Now based in Sweden, Berry's love for denim is seemingly boundless. As he explains on his website, it began with his mother asking him to take his old pairs to a charity shop.

"I couldn't part with them; they were part of who I was then. And who I am now. I remember it was a time in my life when I was looking for a voice when I suddenly realised that what I had been looking for had been there all along."

It's almost enough to bring a tear to your eye... but what do you make of the art?

Denim Art

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