Sir Ian McKellen Recites 'Baby Got Back' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Sir Ian McKellen Recites 'Baby Got Back'

Those of us who watched Wednesday night's Paralympics opening ceremony already know what national treasure Sir Ian McKellen looks like when he's throwing a few shapes to an Ian Dury song.

But have you ever wondered what he'd sound like if he was reciting the lyrics of Sir Mix-a-Lot's Baby Got Back? Of course you have! In fact, you've thought of nothing else for weeks, have you?

Well, now you can get some idea of how things might pan out by watching this spot-on Sir Ian impersonation, courtesy of US-based actor Hunter Davis.

Of course, this isn't the only recent thespian reinterpretation of Sir Mix-a-Lot's bottom-worshipping classic. Remember this multi-movie-star mash-up from a couple of weeks ago, too?

And zooming back to 2007 (life was so much simpler then), we also loved this Gilbert and Sullivan-style interpretation of the track...

Yes, we like Baby Got Back spoofs - and we cannot lie...

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