Ian McKellen

“It’s been a brilliant season for you on the pitch, and now through your bravery, off the pitch too.”
"I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone," the Lord Of The Rings actor insisted.
The CGI effects aren't the only problem in this already-infamous new version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic musical.
"When it comes to abuse by people in positions of power, the correct response is clear."
Skittles gave up their rainbow, whilst brands from Barclays to Tesco are supporting new colourful versions of theirs. A hit with the creative industry, we have to ask if these temporary brand gestures can create a truly meaningful and lasting impact to the LGBT community?
Up until 2016, Leonardo DiCaprio was in a bit of an “always the bridesmaid” situation when it came to the Academy Awards
'Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, in a play by Harold Pinter' is a sentence that would make any theatre buff worth
Sir Ian McKellen He wrote: “I'd said no openly gay actor had received Oscars - that doesn’t detract from [Sam Smith’s] achievement