01/09/2012 08:24 BST

Fazer Bans Himself From Famous Women After Tulisa Break-Up

Romancing bandmate Tulisa Contostavlos has left a bitter taste in N-Dubz rapper Fazer's mouth - he refuses to date anyone famous ever again.

The musician dated The X Factor judge Tulisa for more than 18 months but the pair split in January this year amid reports of blazing rows.

And now Fazer says he'll never start a relationship with another star again as he can't bear his personal life being in the spotlight.

He told The Sun: "I would never get into another relationship where it's so open to the public eye. When everyone else has an influence on it, when does it leave time for you two? No, man. Everyone's got an opinion on this and that. I'll never tell anyone who I'm in a relationship with next."

However, Fazer, who is currently working on a solo career, appears to have put any differences aside and may even spend Christmas with his bandmate ex.

During a recent appearance on breakfast TV show Daybreak, he said: "Yeah, we're good about it. We've known each other for a long time and we grew up together. We tried to make it work. It didn't work but we can still be friends. It's cool. We always get together at Christmas for a big family dinner.