03/09/2012 11:37 BST | Updated 03/09/2012 17:42 BST

'Photoshop Troll' Strikes Fear Into The Heart Of The Internet (PHOTOS)

All hail the new king of the internet: Photoshop Troll.

In a wonderful scam that's reminiscent of David Thorne's Missing Missy, Photoshop Troll deliberately misunderstands people's Photoshopping requests - to hilarious effect.

Yes, whether you're a vain person wanting to have your facial 'faults' removed, or a vain person wanting other people to be scrubbed out of your picture, Photoshop Troll is your man/woman/troll.

Take a look below at three of our favourite exchanges between Photoshop Troll and its clients, below - 'Sweat Stains', 'Full Lips' and 'Disneyland'.

You can keep up to date with Photoshop Troll's latest pranks on Twitter at @PhotoshopTroll. And if you'd like to help him/her/it continue to prank the world, just point your friends with Photoshop requirements in the direction of the website Photoshop Request. Just don't tell 'em where you've really sent them...