04/09/2012 06:11 BST | Updated 03/11/2012 05:12 GMT

iPad Mini Mockups: Is This What Apple's New Tablet Looks Like?

Apple is widely expected to announce a new, smaller version of its iPad tablet soon - but despite all you'll read in the tech press, nobody is really sure when the announcement will come, or what the device will look like.

Still, that hasn't stopped a large number of leaks, mockups and knock-offs appearing online purporting to detail the new, smaller gadget.

The latest set of mockups come courtesy of Apple.Pro and, and just for fun let's pretend they're a real indicator of what the iPad mini/nano/whatever will look like.

The first image is based on the skinny iPad mini schematics that were purportedly leaked a while back.

As you'd expect it pretty much looks like an iPad, but a bit smaller and skinnier on the sides. It also features the smaller dock connector, which has those who've invested in pricy accessories and docks in a tiz.

Take a look below:

The second mockup comes via Giga.De, who over the weekend published their own all-metal mockup.

Both images look similar, but give a sense of physical scale to the (currently hypothetical) device.

Take a look at the second mockup here: