04/09/2012 08:41 BST | Updated 04/09/2012 08:41 BST

Model Warship Will Take Longer To Build Than The Original

Ever plunged yourself into something full of enthusiasm - then realised halfway through that it's taking forever and started to wish you hadn't bothered? We feel like that every time we throw a dinner party. Or clear out our wardrobes. Or settle down to watch The X Factor.

Anyway, here's something that could prove to be rather an over-ambitious project for replica ship enthusiasts... New weekly magazine Sovereign of the Seas offers readers the chance to build their very own 110cm-long model of a 17th-century warship.

The problem? It'll take 22 months to complete - which is considerably longer than it took to construct the full-scale 1637 original.

Oh, and it'll also cost £804.65 to buy all the magazines. (Surely you could go on a not-too-shabby cruise for that money? Just a thought!)

All the same, if the TV ad campaign is anything to go by, you do end up with a very impressive model warship to display in your huge library full of leather-bound books.

So if that's the kind of thing you like, don't let us stop you. And please do remember to send us your photographs of the finished replica in July 2014...