05/09/2012 09:39 BST | Updated 05/09/2012 10:47 BST

Alex Reid Arrested In Early Hours Over 'Criminal Damage' At Essex Home

Alex Reid, cage fighter and partner of Chantelle Houghton, has been arrested at his Essex home after police were called in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

alex reid

Reid, 37, is being held in custody on suspicion of causing criminal damage as well as using violence to secure entry into the home he shares with former Celebrity Big Brother winner Houghton.

The couple, who have a three-month-old baby girl together, share the home Reid was arrested at in Brentwood, Essex.

A police spokesperson told the MailOnline that police were called at 1.30am.

The couple have been known to have troubles, with Reid's manager recently telling Now magazine that Reid would have left Houghton were they not having a child together.

"The fact they decided to have a baby after only two months together was, in my opinion, crazy and irresponsible, but it was Chantelle's dream," he said.

Reid has twice moved out of their shared house for short periods of time, most recently in August.