05/09/2012 08:10 BST | Updated 05/09/2012 08:18 BST

Meet The Dog You Can Send To Homebase (VIDEO)

Faced with a massive DIY to-do list? Bracing yourself for a soul-destroying trip to your local Homebase or B&Q? Well, why not send your dog along instead?

Yes, it sounds a bit crazy - but it's the kind of thing that clearly works for the owners of this eager-to-please Labrador, who comes to us via YouTube's Petsami channel. Watch and marvel as she fetches some duct tape, a paintbrush and a bracket on command. Nice work, pooch!

Be warned, though: there's no point trying this kind of thing with cats. We just sent our moggy round to Costcutter to get some Hobnobs and he's come back with plain ones instead of chocolate. Tsk!

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