05/09/2012 07:08 BST | Updated 05/09/2012 07:10 BST

Paul Ryan's Secret Service Code Name Is 'Bowhunter'

Paul Ryan's secret service code name is "Bowhunter", in reference to the US Republican vice presidential candidate's fondness for shooting deer.

The name was leaked to GQ magazine's Mark Ambinder, who also reported on Wednesday that Ryan's wife Janna is named "Buttercup".

Presidential and vice presidential candidates get to choose their code names, and they usually say something about their character or how they view themselves.

Mitt Romney's code name is "Javelin", which as GQ notes might be a reference to a vehicle once manufactured by his father's car company.

In 2007 Barack Obama became known as "Renegade" by his protection officers, with his wife Michelle, who gave a electrifying speech at the Democratic Convention last night, was christened "Renaissance". The Obamas' daughters are known as 'Radiance' and "Rosebud".

In a recent interview with Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine, Ryan recalled how he started hunting when he was young.

“I started with rabbits, ducks and pheasant before getting into deer hunting," he said. "I worked mowing lawns when I was a kid to save money to buy a shotgun and bought a Browning BPS 20-gauge for pheasants. I still have it.”

President George W. Bush went by the codename "Trailblazer" while Bill Clinton was known as "Eagle".