29 Of History's Most Famous Scientific Minds In One Photo

29 Of The Most Famous Scientific Minds In History In One Photo

Swedish Artist Forri Farg has brought to life a photo marking one the most famous meetings of scientific minds in history.

His new, colourised version of the iconic picture of the Fifth Solvay Conference depicts 29 of the world's most famous scientists in one picture.

Albert Einstein, Marie Curie and quantum scientist Niels Bohr stare out from the photo, while German theoretical physicist Max Planck, who first came up with quantum theory, can also be seen along with his successor Erwin Schrödinger.

Brought together to discuss quantum physics, 17 of the 29 scientists present were Nobel Prize Winners.

The scientists had gathered to discuss the relatively new theories powering quantum physics

Marie Curie is the only woman present (and also the only woman ever to have two Nobel prizes in two separate disciplines.) She was a physicist and radiologist and named the first chemical element that she discovered – polonium, after her native Poland.

The conference in Brussels, 1927 in October was the backdrop for Einstein's and Bohr's discussion on the nature of reality and how causality (the way things are caused) functions.

Einstein, suggesting that things follow no pattern and are necessarily uncertain, remarked "God does not play dice". Bohr replied saying "Einstein, stop telling God what to do"

Ah, if only a time-travelling Stephen Hawking could have been there.


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