Body Art Camouflage By Jean-Paul Bourdier

Fitting In: Amazing Body Art Camouflage

These are the amazing pictures of painted models' bodies blending in with nature and landscapes around them.

The bodies are painted so that they appear invisible against various backdrops of deserts and snowy fields.

French photographer Jean-Paul Bourdier has spent the last 15 years taking the pictures in the American West.

The professor from Berkeley, California said he was inspired by "seeing that there are no separation between the universe and myself."

He said: "I scarcely see the final result large enough to enjoy it. Only when I make large prints do I enjoy them.

"For me, turning the skin into a canvas for the imagination is both an artistic and a spiritual endeavour.

"Through the painted look, a body is transformed into a living sculpture, lit up by its godly colours and awaked to its potential to tune in or become an extension of the cosmos.

"As I conceive it, skin painting marks a person's external appearance while also bringing out the inner self.

"They put us in contact with nature and with the raw, at the same time, they turn us into non-natural beings, opening the way to experience the invisible or the unknown.

"Body and earth are one. If the body is seen from the back, the front becomes an open field, a place that cannot yet be identified, a place of possibilities.

"In working with the bare and painted body, I am also working with the demands and challenges of a body-mind state that I call not two-many twos.

"For example, without clothes the body regains its undivided primary nature, being intricately part of the forces of the universe, it is no longer estranged from the environment nor split into an upper and a lower part.

"The visual works I come up with are a continual study of how we physically, rhythmically relate to this universe from the specific, intimate bodyhouse."

Jean-Paul Bourdiers Body Art


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