John Prescott And Pauline Prescott Face Philip Schofield On All-Star Mr And Mrs (PICTURES)

The Prescotts On All-Star Mr And Mrs

It's marriage that's survived 50 years, more than two terms in office and an egg-throwing gaffe or two, so perhaps its no surprise that Lord John Prescott and Pauline Prescott managed to bag £15,000 for charity at an All-Star Mr and Mrs on Wednesday.

The former deputy Prime Minister revealed his domestic side on the gameshow, even letting slip that he told Pauline to dump her wedding dress.

The 74-year-old explained: “When we got married she bought a wedding dress but she never told me how much it cost. At the time she told me she would turn it into a cocktail dress but she never did.

"How many houses have got big boxes with dresses in? One day I said let’s get rid of it. She was pregnant at the time. So we went down to the corporation tip. She was annoyed but she let me carry on and we dumped it."

Pauline showed she could be as feisty as her husband however, with the 73-year-old insisting: “John has never kept his wedding suit. I wish he had so I could throw it on the tip too."

The couple have been for 50 years, after Prescott reportedly met his wife in a queue for the bus

Some of their married tales revealed her kitchen tyranny, with John describing Pauline's penchant for clattering in the kitchen.

"There was a time when Tony Blair rang up and she was banging the pots and pans in the kitchen and I said “Listen love, can you shut up, I am talking to Tony” and she said 'This is my kitchen, not your office. And who is Tony?"

The Prescotts were raising money for Colitus and a Crohn's charity

"Tony Blair then came on the phone and said: 'I heard that.'

"I was trying to get Tony and Gordon to agree and there she was banging the plates. It was a crucial moment. She deliberately goes around banging plates so you can’t hear the phone."

It's almost as if the headphones and blindfolds are designed to look as stupid as possible...

The former Labour deputy displayed some of his self-depreciating humour whilst bantering with host Philip Scofield. Hobbling on stage, Prescott was using a walking stick when the show was filmed, as he had broken his metatarsal.

He joked: "I have broken my Beckham bone. I fell off a pavement. I broke it like Beckham."

Pauline held her headphones underneath her chin so that she wouldn't ruin her coiffeured hairstyle

However one topic was clearly off limits. During the show, in which each partner is asked questions about their other half, whilst blindfolded and given headphones so they can't hear the answers, no mention was made of Lord Prescott's affair...

The former deputy Prime Minister hit the headlines in 2006 after it was revealed that he had been involved in a two-year affair with diary secretary Tracey Temple, who was 24 years younger than him.

Whilst Pauline stood by her husband, she admitted in an interview with Piers Morgan she would never forgive him. Prescott has previously apologised for the affair, saying "It was just part of an opportunity that developed,"


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