Noah Kalina Takes Photo Of Himself Every Day For 12.5 Years (VIDEO)

WATCH: Man Takes Daily Photo Of Himself For 12.5 Years

We'd now like to offer one of our much-coveted HuffPost UK Comedy roars of appreciation to New York-based photographer Noah Kalina.

The reason? Noah took a snap of himself every day between January 2000 and June 2012, then produced this amazing time-lapse video to demonstrate how he'd aged over that time.

We have to say, Noah, you're looking pretty good on it - although those big brown eyes do get a tad intense and scary when you've been staring back at them for a couple of minutes.

Oh, and at one point, Noah briefly turns into TV's Rory McGrath - but, hey, we all go through the "Rory stage" at one time or another, don't we?

Anyway, if you like this sort of thing - and, frankly, why wouldn't you? - we're pretty sure you'll be impressed by our video slideshow of stop motion magnificence, too...


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