Picture Of The Day: Quads Have Numbers Shaved Into Their Hair

PHOTO: Quads Have Numbers Shaved Into Their Hair

Well, that's one way to tell them apart, we suppose.

A mum of quadruplets has shaved numbers into the heads of her six-year-old sons to help teachers work out which kid is which at school.

The super-cute foursome are almost identical, you see - the only difference being the shape of their eyelids. (And, to be fair, it's hard to lean in for a close-up of someone's eyelids when they're running amok in the classroom.)

"Even now, their father can't tell which one is which," harassed mum Tan Chaoyun of China's Guangdong Province told reporters. "Sometimes, he punishes the second one for something the third one has done."

All the same, we do like the way the quads are ever-so-slightly rebelling against their mum's numbering system by refusing to sit in numerical order in this picture. That's the spirit, kids!

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