Emotional Infertility: Study Reveals Pain Of Single Women Not Having Children

Why Single Women Can Suffer 'Emotional Infertility'

According to a new report on modern motherhood, women who have difficulty conceiving a child are not the only ones to suffer the effects of infertility.

A report on modern motherhood suggests 'emotional infertility' can be just as damaging.

Over half of women polled agreed the pain of not having children due to not finding the right partner equalled that of dealing with medical infertility problems

The study conducted by Red magazine, which gathered data from over 3,000 British women aged 28-45, also revealed that nearly three quarters (71%) of women think those who have medical infertility get more sympathy than those with 'emotional infertility’.

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Brigid Moss, health director of Red said: "We have identified what we call “emotional infertility”, that is being childless not by choice, due to not having a partner or a partner not wanting to have children.

"It's interesting that most women think that medical infertility gets most sympathy, and that more than half of women think that emotional infertility is as painful as medical infertility’."

The same reported noted that just 17% of women worry about being too old to conceive, and one in five women would consider having a baby on their own.

Sam Baker, editor-in-chief, said: "It seems that women now feel more confident to make their own decisions to prioritise what they want in life, including how and when they want to start family."