07/09/2012 17:52 BST | Updated 07/09/2012 18:13 BST

50 Shades Of Inspiration: The 10 Best Tracks To Write 'Mummy Porn' To

After the revelation that 50 Shades Of Grey author EL James was inspired by a "sexy" song, we got thinking. What if all bestsellers were directly affected by the music they were written to?

What if, we pondered, (quite possibly in a lab coat) EL James' success could be recreated by putting pen to paper to a playlist fuelled by tracks similar to's Sexy?

Well we thought we'd find out. Or speculate at least, compiling the sexiest tracks we thought could also inspire more stratospherically successful kinky fan fiction.

What do you think? Are more bestsellers destined? Check out our gallery of videos (and the reasons why we picked them) below and let us know!