07/09/2012 16:07 BST

Cliff Diving: Daredevils Compete In Red Bull Competition On Welsh Coast (PICTURES)

It's takes a certain kind of man to voluntarily dive 27 metres off a cliff into the cold waters off the Pembrokeshire coast.

Take a whole group of men like that and you have the Welsh leg of the Red Bull Cliff Diving Competition, a two-day event being held in the UK this weekend.

It is the first time the competition has been held in the UK, and will see a dozen divers from the UK, Czech Republic, USA and Colombia among others, compete for the most spectacular dives.

red bull cliff diving

Competitors can reach speeds of 90kph during their dives

The competition is part of a worldwide tour of contests, taking place in countries such as Ukraine, Oman, Portugal and Norway.

Heading into the contest in Wales, Colombian Orlando Duque sits top of the leaderboard, followed by Britain's Gary Hunt, the reigning champion, with Russian Artem Silichenko in a distant third place.

red bull cliff diving

Colombian Orlando Duque in Pembrokeshire on Friday

The divers will be throwing themselves into the Blue Lagoon, Abereiddy near St David's, Pembrokeshire on Friday and Saturday.

Following that, they head to Oman for the final leg of this year's competition on 27 September.