10/09/2012 13:03 BST

Top 10 Comedy Albums On Spotify

It’s time for another one of our very occasional looks at the best comedy available on Spotify. These ten albums come in at just over nine hours – within the maximum ten you get for free without paying the £4.99-a-month subscription for unlimited access.

1. Harry Hill: Funny Times

Probably everything Harry Hill does could legitimately be described as ‘an oddity’ – and nothing more so than this 2010 musical offering. Stylistically similar to TV Burp, it features eclectic celebrity references and random cameos from the likes of John Craven, Ken Roache and Bruce Forsyth. Not all the gags land, but highlights include a Holly Willoughby song that’s a mild-mannered version of Eminem’s Stan; the Lily Allen-ish I Wanna Baby, and The Disappointment Song – and old-fashioned oompah number whose subheading Sex And The City explains all..