10/09/2012 11:25 BST | Updated 10/09/2012 11:53 BST

Queen's Corgi Dies: Peta Call On Her Majesty To Adopt Next Dog From A Shelter

Following the death of the Queen’s beloved corgi Monty, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have called on Her Majesty to adopt a new pup from a shelter.

At 13 years old, Monty was the oldest of the royal pets and had a starring role alongside Willow and Holly in the Olympics Opening ceremony.

Monty was the Queen's oldest corgi, and achieved international fame after appearing in the Olympics opening ceremony

Given the Queen’s attachment to her dogs, it seems likely a new pup will be added to the pack. However Peta have sent a letter to Her Majesty appealing to her to adopt a corgi from a shelter.

"We hope that if you choose to open your heart and home to a new dog, you will consider saving a life by adopting from a local shelter, " Mimi Bekhechi, Associate Director of Peta, writes.

The Queen's corgis and dorgis run off a plane back from Aberdeen following a holiday in Balmoral

"Many of them will be euthanised because shelters simply do not have the resources to keep them all", Bekhechi adds.

Calling on the Queen to "set an example to other Britons" she requests the royals don't "perpetuate the crisis by buying from breeders."

The royal association with corgis go back a long way, with the Queen’s father King George VI starting the trend when he bought a Corgi called Dookie from a local kennels in 1933.

A royal corgi squints in the sunshine on the Queen's 39th birthday (do you recognise Prince Charles?)

The Queen was given her own Corgi (named Susan) for her 18th birthday. Since then there have been numerous corgis adopted by the royal family.

The dogs were involved in a fracas with Princess Bea’s pet recently after a dogwalker lost control of the pack whilst exercising them at Balmoral.

Monty was named after Monty Roberts, who advises the Queen on horses and corgis. He has reportedly offered her a corgi puppy to carry on the tradition.

It is thought Monty will be buried in the grounds of the royal residence at balmoral, in accordance with tradition.