11/09/2012 13:06 BST | Updated 11/11/2012 05:12 GMT

Welcoming Committee: Gay Bar Flash Mob App Hits App Store

A new app to help groups of gay people 'create' gay bars at any time has hit the iOS App Store.

The Welcoming Committee app is intended to help create gatherings of gay people on the fly, and allow them to "experience all bars, events, and major travel destinations the same way straight people do".

It works by allowing users to select a local bar at any time, create an event, and then try and get your event enough votes to turn it into a genuine gathering.

The most popular events hit the top of the list, providing other users with a list of what's happening in a local area. The result is that instead of a few pre-arranged gay bars, gatherings of like-minded people can occur spontaneously, anywhere in a city.

The app's makers explain:

Simply boot up the app to see which venues in your area are trending gay right now. TWC is entirely anonymous. It's about making nightlife spaces a little bit gayer.

It's a neat idea, and it's available in the UK now.