13/09/2012 13:09 BST | Updated 13/11/2012 10:12 GMT

Google Adds 'Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon' Calculator To Search (PHOTOS)

Google has added a new tool to its search engine: a calculator which works out any actor's degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon.

The tool is based on the famous game in which any actor - or person - can be connected to Kevin Bacon within six steps.

Just type in a name followed by 'Bacon number' to see how that actor is connected to... Kevin Bacon.

Yes, it only works with actors so far. And we've been unable to think of anyone it recognises with a Bacon Number greater than four. (And yes, if you type in Kevin Bacon it spits out that his Bacon Number is zero. Ho Ho).

But it sure beats working for five minutes.

Check it out at Google.