14/09/2012 06:59 BST | Updated 14/09/2012 07:16 BST

Denise Welch Reveals She Used To Beat Ex Husband Tim Healy And Admits She's A 'Sexaholic'

Denise Welch isn't what you'd call a shy and retiring type and she stayed true to form - and then some - during a forthcoming appearance on Piers Morgan's Life Stories.

Not only did the Loose Woman reveal she used to get into physical fights with her ex hubby, Tim Healy, but she also admitted that she's a 'sexaholic'.

Speaking about the violent clashes with her ex, she said: “I’ve whacked him over the head with a lampshade before. And a hair-dryer.

"I once pushed him and he slipped in some milk and put his arm through the door and nearly severed his arm.

“We had some humdingers, we really did, fuelled by excess. Always. They were scrappy and physical, but he’s never hit me in his life.”

Denise with her ex husband, Tim Healy

But the actress - who split from Tim last year for 39-year-old Lincoln Townley - said her biggest regret was how her ex hubby found out about her affair.


“I’ve got many regrets in life but one of the biggest is how he found out about that. It was horrendous,” she said.

Denise accidentally left a saucy message intended for lover Lincoln on her husband's phone by mistake after she was 'distracted'.

“He heard it,” she said. “I was saying I couldn’t see him because my family were down. And that I missed him and I loved him.”

And Denise didn't hold back when it came to discussing her sex life either.

"I like sex," she said. "What's the problem with being a sexaholic? I just like shagging."

Denise is now engaged to her 39-year-old lover, Lincoln Townley

And the former Corrie star also admitted that she'd have liked to have bedded her former co-star Bill Roache too, after he claimed to have bedded over 1000 women on an earlier edition of the show.

"I did not know Bill back then. If I did I would have made mincemeat out of him," she said.

Denise Welch will appear on Life Stories on September 28 on ITV1.