14/09/2012 13:15 BST | Updated 14/09/2012 13:17 BST

Artist Dan Cretu Blends Food With Reality (PICTURES)

Imagine if, instead of turning slightly furry, that lonely carrot at the bottom of the fridge had the opportunity to become something great. Like a food version of a camera. Or a tiny bike. Wouldn't that be nice?

Some carrots (and other vegetables and fruit) have such opportunities thanks to the artistic skills of Dan Cretu.

Self-proclaimed Eco Artist, Cretu found himself lacking in photographic inspiration, only to discover it in the form of two oranges, which he turned into a bike.

Cretu's food art has to be made quickly to look this vibrant

Two years later, Cretu claims to look at fruit and vegetables in a new way, calling the organic matter "the perfect materials to work with."

He tells HuffPost UK, "Every time I go to the market I spend minutes in front of the fruit and vegetables tables, trying to imagine my next work."

"I use nature’s creations to make objects that are normally artificial/anorganic. What comes out of that? A veggy stereo, a pepper chopper, a soccer ball you can eat during half time and so on."

Cretu mixes food with everyday objects to create his mini-sculptures.

Amazingly, his photographs aren't digitally altered, and due to the nature of his foody materials, the subjects are made in less than four hours.

Cretu explains, "Although it is something that requires attention to detail, I have to move fast and cut precisely. The raw material dehydrates rapidly and if I waste too much time I risk losing the beauty of shape and colours."

Currently, Cretu works in advertising, but is expecting to have his first exhibition before too long due to the success of his images online.