Guy Whitby, Aka WorkByKnight's Amazing Keyboard Portraits

Can You Guess The Key To These Amazing Portraits?

Australian artist Guy Whitby, aka WorkByKnight (WBK), draws inspiration from the "global transition into the digital" era for his unconventional pixelated portraits.

The artist recreates the image of influential celebrities, musicians and political figures by assembling varied buttons found on your common keyboard, calculators, type writers and phones.

The late Neil Armstrong is one figure WBK has paid tribute to

Using his skilled hand in photo manipulation, WBK produces every piece with close attention to each neatly aligned key that serves as a single pixel.

Instead of getting lazy and using the same shape in each square slot, simply assigning the space a different colour, the artist utilises the assortment of buttons found in a diverse mix of devices and designs.

The result is a really impressive, time-consuming body of work. WBK's gallery has nearly 1,000 images made of computer keys and a mix of analog and digital buttons, in addition to portraits made of actual buttons.

Can you identify every figure in WBK's portraits?

Keyboard Art

IMAGES: Guy Whitby


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