Harry Styles Fans Send Threats To Aussie X Factor Singer Briden-Starr Aspinall

The Wrath Of The Harry Styles Fans..

Harry Styles' green-eyed groupies have found a new target for their wrath after Caroline Flack - they are now sending nasty messages to an Australian singer who winked at the One Direction hunk.

The boyband recently appeared as guest stars on The X Factor Down Under, and one contestant on the show caught Styles' eye.

Pretty blonde Briden-Starr Aspinall appeared to flirt with the 18 year old, and he later declared, "I'm in love with her."

Their apparent chemistry only served to infuriate Styles' legion of loyal fans, who bombarded the 20 year old with vicious messages on Twitter.

One angry follower said she wanted to "cut your eyeballs out of your head", while another threatened to "throw you under a bus".

Aspinall, a musical theatre performer and dance instructor, was quick to defend herself, claiming the wink wasn't intended for Styles.

She explained: "If there's one thing I won't put up with it's bullying. Initially I felt quite threatened. It's scary to hear someone you've never met talk about you in that way. It's horrible.

"But then you remind yourself it's just some teenager locked away in their bedroom and you realise you need to step away.

"It was all part of the performance. What you saw (on X Factor) is as far as it went with us. I'd like to think I'm a pretty strong person, so I just deleted the posts and reported the (users) to Twitter.

"Ignoring them is the best way to go about this but someone else... that could really affect you."

Aspinall isn't the first gal to be on the receiving end of One Direction fans' wrath - telly presenter Flack was driven out of the country after her fling with Styles was revealed.

An Aussie radio station receptionist was also threatened after Styles' bandmate Zayn Malik took a shine to her.


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